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Mizat Oil and Gas Special Service provide cold cutting services as per the client requirements. A Cold Cutting procedure is utilized to cut and/ bevel the pipe. Cold Cutting operates without generating any spark, flame or excessive heat. The main fact that the procedure generates no flame and or spark to complete the cut and weld preparation makes it safest for any flammable gas or oil pipelines and the most cost-effective way for abandonment, additions and replacement of pipework.

Advantages of Cold Cutting:-

  • Safety
  • No Spark
  • No Flame
  • No Air Born Contamination
  • No Chance of explosion
  • Cost Productive
  • Travel Cutter:-
    • Cuts, Bevels and for making Victaulic groves from 6-72” diameter.
    • Cuts any exotic metals including cement lined pipes, ideal for field pipeline and buried pipeline maintenance.

Pigging of Pipelines mainly contains the following Services:

Cleaning, Gauging and Filling:-


Cleaning of the pipeline is essential to remove any debris in the pipeline from new construction items limes like tools, weld rods, hooks, etc. To keep the Hydraulic efficiency within design limits by removing slag, wax, debris and scales etc which accumulate in the pipeline during operation. To remove mill scale, water drop out and other corrosive products that increasing useful life of the asset.


Gauging operation used to verify the Ovalities of the pipeline. The operations are mostly done by using a gauging plate or as per the client requirement geometrical pigs are also used. All operations will be done as per client procedures.


Filling Operations can be extremely time consuming. Filling operation will be done until the water reached the other end and all air traps removed from the pipeline.

A test conducted to piping equipment by subjecting it to an internal pressure using water or other approved liquid to ensure strength or tightness of the system at the test pressure. The purpose of Hydrostatic Pressure Testing is to render the production equipment and piping system safe for the introduction of Hydrocarbon gases and liquids; to create an audible, visible leak test; to demonstrate the integrity of all hydrocarbon production system.

Hydro Testing of a pipeline is carried out to check the integrity of the pipe line and to ensure that the pipeline can be operated to maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) and is free from any major defects which could affect the pipeline during the operation. Hydro Testing should be done the line is in operational.

Mizat Oil and Gas Special Services provide the wide range of services to the pipeline industry of Technical pipeline Hydro Static Testing. Mizat Oil and Gas Special Services Knowledge and experiences bring several important aspects to the project including rapid completion, practical cost yielding, and overall satisfaction for client / contractor.

Mizat Oil and Gas Special Services have pressure pumps, Break tanks, test ends, Temperature/Pressure monitoring, Recording Instruments and has the experience to operate them effectively.

Mizat oil and gas special services will provide proper test headers including all valves, manifold, blind, flanges, gaskets and all other fitting required for testing. After each test is complete, Mizat oil and gas special services will provide the client/contractor with a test report including all documents necessary to meet the required standard.

Mizat Oil and Gas Special Services provides pneumatic testing services where hydro testing not acceptable for contamination reason. Mizat Oil and Gas Special Services can test any pipe line with any sizes as per client requirements.

Dewatering operation is removing the test medium from the pipe line prior to drying operations. It is necessary for the testing contractor to push or move the water from the tested pipe line to the next test section or dewater to the nearest drain pit. It is particularly important when there is limitation of water source and preservation of water is of highly importance. Mizat Oil and Gas Special Services will ensure at the clients pipeline is dewatered safely and successfully. Dewatering operations will be done by using high pressure compressors depending up on the size and diameter of the pipe line. Pressurization will be given to the pipe line depending up on the characteristics of the test section.

After a successful Hydro Testing the water must be removed from the pipe or tank prior to the introduction of the product, in most cases, the water is removed separately by dewatering by air. This is particularly the case where the services required by ‘MIZAT OIL & GAS SPECIAL SERVICES’.
Drying operations are mandatory especially for dry crude oil or dry gas services. Mizat Oil and Gas Special Services have the experienced personals and equipments to ensure the clients pipe line will meet the required drying specification. Drying operations contains removal of standing water and water vapour left over in the pipe line. Dew point meters are use to determine the moisture left in the pipe line. The dew point is different as temperature at which water vapour begins to condense out of its gaseous form at atmospheric pressure. Mizat Oil and Gas Special Services provide drying with air and drying with nitrogen.

Nitrogen Purging is the replacement of an undesired atmosphere by the inert gas nitrogen. During the commissioning of a process plant, the replacement of air by purging with nitrogen is familiarly known as ‘oxygen freezing’ or ‘startup purging’. During a turnaround, the replacement of hydrocarbon atmosphere with nitrogen is familiarly known as ‘degassing’ or ‘shutdown purging’.

This simple, Membrane type Nitrogen Generator provides a cost-effective means for on-site gas generation. It is based on using the latest membrane technology to separate nitrogen from the other gases contained in air. MIZAT OGSS offers one of the most efficient and durable Nitrogen Generation Systems on the market.

Calibration is the comparison of measuring instrument system of unverified accuracy to a standard or system of a known accuracy to detect, and as appropriate report, and/or eliminate by adjustment, any variation from the required performance specifications.
We offer calibration services for hydro test equipments as Relief Valves, Pressure Gauges, Manifolds, Pressure Recorder, Temperature Recorder, Digital Pressure Calibrator, Digital Pressure Calibrator, Dew Point Meter, Welding equipments like Welding Machine, Welding Oven.